Free Comic Book Day – May 2, 2009

Your attention please.  Saturday is Free Comic Book Day.  Get your free comic book  Saturday  from your nearest comic book store.  Choose from Transformers/GI Joe,  Star Wars- Clone Wars, Disney/Pixar’s Cars, Wolverine/X-men and many others.

Use the map below to find the nearest store to you!



3 Responses

  1. I think your blog is an excellent example of a blog that gives instructions to your students. If you want to expand your blog into new directions it is quite possible. My blog has changed a lot since I started it. I realized that there are many different uses and I decided what I wanted for my students and moved in that direction.
    Mr. C

    • Thanks for the comment. After looking at your blog, I will be making changes for next year. I may be using blogger as it appears to allow more embedding than WordPress does.

  2. The shared blog my student post on was a chore to set up. Each student had to have an email address, then I had to invite them to be co-authors. They had to accept, and set up a blogger account. It was a pretty lengthy process. That is why I plan on using a ning next year for all my classes. It is much easier to add people.
    Mr. C

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