Agenda 4/28-5/3

Fourth Grade

Third Grade

Second Grade

  • Continue Work on Landscape
  • Begin KidPix Slideshow – Humpty Dumpty

First Grade

  • Continue work on Penguin fact book kidWorks



Agenda 4/22-28

Fourth Grade

Third  Grade

Second Grade

First Grade


Super 3 Skills

Super 3 – research skills for grades K-4


students get an assignment or a task, BEFORE they start doing anything, you should think–

  • What am I supposed to do?
  • What will it look like if I do a really good job?
  • What do I need to find out to do the job?

Online Resources

  1. Hartwick Pines State Park
  2. Hartwick Pines Logging Museum
  3. Mackinac Bridge History
  4. Mackinac State Historic Parks
  5. Historical Information on Mackinac
  6. Mackinac Parks for Kids
  7. Wildernet State Parks
  8. Plan your trip on

Kid Friendly Search Engines

  1. KidRex – Google for Kids
  2. Quintura for Kids
  3. Kindernet Safe Search for Kids

Mackinac Island

  1. History
  2. Absolute Michigan
  3. Mackinac Island

Mackinac Bridge

  1. About the Mackinac Bridge
  2. Mackinac Bridge

Fort Mackinac

  1. Fort Mackinac Wikipedia entry

Fort Michilimackinac

  1. Fort Michilimackinac Wikipedia entry
  2. Fort Michilimackinac

Historic Mill Creek State Park

  1. Historic Mill Creek State Park

Michigan Lighthouses

  1. Directory of Michigan Lighthouses
  2. Michigan Lighthouses


(This is where they read, view, tell, make a picture, etc.)

  1. Note taking tool
  2. Essay map tool
  3. Printing Press – Choose from brochure, newspaper, flyer or booklet.


Before finishing and turning it in, you should stop and think— Is this done?

  • Did I do what I was supposed to do?
  • Do I feel ok about this?
  • Should I do something else before I turn it in?

Agenda 4/12-4/16

Fourth Grade

Third  Grade


Book Exchange Poetry Month