Rotation 24: February 4-9


  1. Finish Blog “Who is my Hero?
  2. Read comments on your blog and pick 1 comment to respond back to.
  3. Finish your Glogster profile and change your password.
  4. Create an avatar in KidPix.  Make sure to click on Export and save it to the Avatar folder in your Class Folder.
  5. Finish 1 lesson in Type to Learn 3


  1. Continue work on your State PowerPoint 50
  2. Include: State Nickname, Capital City, Admission to Statehood, Border States, State Bird, State Flower, Flag, and 1 other fact.


  1. Map Symbols – Students will look at Google Maps in the map and satellite view.
  2. Compare the Map to the Satellite view, what’s similar, what’s different
  3. Draw a Compass Rose in KidPix, label directions
  4. Student can view Google Charlotte Map when done.


  • Finish Penguin voicethread/drawing.
  • Draw a picture in Tuxpaint on something they love to do.

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